I worked with Bodyscapes Medical Spa to create elegant and consistent brand guidelines for their relaunch. You can see the process below.

August 17, 2018   ·   identity,website

Bodyscapes Medical Spa wanted a new identity for their customer relaunch. After initial sketches and client feedback, I worked with their existing marketing concepts to create initial relaunch materials. (Their website has since been revised).

I used their established purple, but added more white space and consistent typography. The stock image of water conveyed both calm and motion. The Futura font family was chosen for its availability and cleanliness. Using a widely available font meant that the Bodyscapes team could modify their marketing materials and signs if needed.

Once the brand guidelines were set, I worked quickly to add to their available marketing. Additional items included booklets, brochures, and a menu of services.

With the foundational steps in place, I worked with the client to conceptualize future products.

Other Duties

  • Updated website listings using Visual Composer and WordPress.
  • Took facility photographs for promotional purposes.