Dhurandhar Weight Management

I served as a marketing associate at Dhurandhar Weight Management, where I was responsible for website and social media assets, survey construction, and website implementation, among other duties. View a sample of my work there below.

August 17, 2018   ·   vector,website,social media,identity


With the help of my supervisor, I updated the Dhurandhar Weight Management website through multiple iterations. I worked with the site from the ground up, from formatting and structuring pages to sourcing images and proofreading body copy.

The original Wix-based homepage, in February 2017.

The Wix platform was serviceable, but we quickly ran into site limitations. Formatting pages was fussy and took a lot of trial and error. Resizing the browser window led to background images and text overlapping in unintended ways.

I began researching an alternate CMS that would better fit. When the company wanted to begin work on a second site, I suggested we use a WordPress theme as a test run. After sketching a rough wireframe, I consulted with my supervisor to find a theme that would suit their needs.

The WordPress-based blog, for Dr. Nikhil Dhurandhar, now defunct.

Once again, I was responsible for structuring the site, sourcing and adjusting post images, and proofreading contributor posts. Everyone was pleased with the new WordPress blog, so we began the conversion process for our main site. After multiple client interviews and sketches, the first WordPress iteration of dhurandhar.com was launched. The live site uses the same overall structure with some cosmetic changes, but most of my image assets, icon selections, and body copy remain.

Marketing Assets

In addition to website maintenance and analytics, I was also responsible for creating graphics assets for social media channels and posts. These ranged from sourced stock images to vector infographics. I compiled information from our diet consultants and distilled it into something more digestible for the Dr. Dhurandhar Facebook page.

For more informal posts, I created approachable vector illustrations using established brand colors.

On the Dr. Dhurandhar YouTube channel, I established professional and consistent rules for presentation of text, images, and video thumbnails. Although the channel has been consolidated, you can see some of my thumbnail images on the Dhurandhar YouTube page.

Other Duties

  • Constructing a patient questionnaire through Typeform, an online platform that facilitates responsive, branching-logic surveys.
  • Monitoring visitor demographics through Google Analytics.
  • Purchasing and scheduling online ads for Facebook and Google.