As Fanbyte's Community Leader, I run weekly community events and workshops on their Discord server, moderate chat, manage site redirects, and help out staff. The discussion is always lively, and the community's helped me produce a wider variety of work- some pieces more tongue-in-cheek than others...

November 17, 2020   ·   fanbyte,community management,graphic design

I created artwork for The K-Hole, a free-association interview podcast hosted by merritt k. With a great premise and even better feedback, I had no trouble making something instantly weird and evocative.

For this, uh, grab bag of Gamestop trinkets, I crafted a loving homage to the YouTube house style for unboxing videos.

I made lots of custom emotes for Discord and Twitch, and plan to add more as we grow.

None of this would be possible without the Fanbyte community, who inspires my best and strangest work. (See above.)