Freelance Projects

Freelance clients have enabled me to test new design ideas and develop my skills. You can view two notable case studies below.

August 17, 2018   ·   vector,website,identity

Taylor Crop Insurance

I worked with a local agribusiness to develop an approachable, friendly logo using vector illustration. Once initial client requests were compiled, I collaborated with them on initial sketches.

After client feedback, I refined colors and typography to produce the final logo, in both color and black-and-white.

I was delighted to receive a promotional hat of my own!

Thomas Nazworth, CPA

For my first project in Kirby CMS, I structured and hosted a portfolio website for Thomas Nazworth, a local CPA. I handled all aspects of the website design, from selecting an appropriate theme to shooting photos and writing copy. I also handled the initial domain acquisition and email forwarding.

I worked with Thomas to ensure the site was professional but approachable, highlighting his unique background and varied interests.

Other freelance projects include:

  • Designing a custom bifold calendar for a Lions Club chapter.
  • Inputting medical data for a physical therapy provider.
  • Video editing and motion design for an agribusiness consultant.
  • Placard design and data for a local farm equipment collector.
  • Proofreading and editing for a wide range of companies and young professionals.