National Storage Solutions Management

As a graphic designer at National Storage Solutions Management, I produced a broad range of graphics across several industries. Browse through some selected pieces below.

August 17, 2018   ·   vector,website,social media,identity

At National Storage Solutions Management, I worked as a team with our social media coordinator and marketing coordinator to create assets for digital and print. The company housed a wide range of businesses, so I developed my personal style and flexibility in order to meet these challenges.

Vector Artwork

I created a wide range of vector iconography for our family of websites using feedback from clients and input from my coworkers.

I also used vector illustrations to add character to social media posts for holidays and events.

In other instances, I used client feedback and sketches for illustrations that would help them establish a company identity. For Commercial Brokerage Firm, I depicted an office block that display the variety of properties they had on offer.

I utilized client input and vector graphics to convey the wide range of items storage auctions offered monthly bidders.

Identity and Revision

For the newly established Allergy Clinic of Lubbock, I used sketches and client input to create initial vector drafts for their logo.

In another instance, Around the Clock Self-Storage had an established logo that needed to be cleaned up and converted to resizeable vectors.

Other Duties

  • Copy editing blog and social media posts.
  • Photographing self storage facilities for promotional purposes.
  • Conducting website usability testing.